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I principally use vegetable tanned bovine leather. This tanning method has been in use for millennia and marks the origin of leather itself. This process is not toxic to the environment like other, more common, modern tanning methods. What is veg tan? : Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots.

KMAK Creations extends the benefit of free shipping on orders over R1,000 (RSA only.) Given the value of each piece, we exclusively ship with Aramex. If you are an international client, contact Kevin for shipping information to your country



I exclusively handcraft KMAK leather products. From the conception of your pattern to stitching, dying, tooling, assembly, final tooling, finishing and polishing - I do it the old way using a saddle-stitch and a few modern innovations to improve the product.

The Boutique

A selection of exquisite leather products and pieces commissioned in the past

R 2,300.00R 7,000.00

The Anna Tote

The Flagship of KMAK Creations – The Anna Tote

handmade messenger bag macbook laptop a4

R 4,000.00 R 3,000.00

The André Briefcase


Celebrating the briefcase in its purest glory

handcrafted leather south africa

R 225.00

The 30mm leather belt

The leather belt par excellence

RObust antique brass buckle | leather belt | 40mm wide

R 575.00

The 40mm Antique Hand-Stitched (40mm width) Leather Belt

The ultimate, robust, hand-stitched belt with an elegant and eye-catching buckle

R 500.00R 575.00

The Superman Wallet

Smart, sophisticated, practical and durable – The Superman Wallet
40mm leather belt

R 275.00

The 40mm leather belt

The PERFECT unstitched leather belt.

Swedish buckle leather belt

R 500.00

The 22mm Saddle-Stitched Swedish Buckle Belt

The PERFECT hand-stitched leather belt.

Port ELizabeth, Handcrafted, Leather, Backpack

R 6,900.00

The Eliane Leather Backpack

The highest quality leatherwork backpack available in Port Elizabeth. Handmade in South Africa by KMAK Creation's artisan.

R 1,850.00R 2,100.00

The Original Mini Briefcase

The ultimate leather briefcase. Compact, robust and sexy as a result of quality craftsmanship and innovative design. KMAK Creations

Handmade, saddle stitch purse

R 900.00

Ma se Purse

6 separate divisions and an aesthetic appeal beyond that found on the mass-market, the Ma se Purse is everything you need.

R 6,100.00

The Rustic Giacomo

Whimsical and elegant. The Rustic Giacomo Briefcase is your perfect companion, be it at the office or out galavanting around the globe.
Upon order, we will consult with you as far as your colour palette and finer details are concerned.
* The Giacomo is a back-ordered, bespoke piece that will be dispatched within 21 working days from payment confirmation using Aramex
Handmade Leather rbeifcase artisan south africa

R 5,500.00

The Fine Giacomo

 The Fine Giacomo Leather Briefcase turns heads in all situations.
An elegant, refined design like this for your Macbook is tough to come by.
Quality craftsmanship and technique

R 1,700.00


The Hand-stitched Estelle Handbag is a staple in any women's wardrobe. Simple, yet chic, this leather piece is incredibly versatile – an essential.

The man behind the brand

With an atypical professional journey thus far, Kevin has always been attracted to beautiful things. Fashion, design and art have been an extensive part of his upbringing and today he finds tremendous pleasure in executing his craft.
Kevin Kriek
Kevin Kriek
Founder, leathersmith, designer & CEO


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